Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Real Housewives of ATL>>> A Freakin Catastrophe!

ROTFKMSL!!!!! So I know you have all seen the RHOA's latest episode!  And I gotta give a shot out to Sheree' & Marlo on the RHOA for winning "The Dumbest Looking Old B****es Who Act Like They SEVEN" award! This sh** was HILARIOUS but SAAAAAAAAAAAD! I woulda been laughing at them stupid fools so hard they woulda wanted to beat my a** cuz that was just plain ridiculous! But for real, Marlo shoulda been glad she was there, she ain't even on the credits & tryna start some sh**! If a chic don't invite me somewhere, I'm sure she has her reasons behind it & I'm sure not going to run her up asking her why she didn't invite me! But like they said Marlo wasn't even invited on the trip  anyway, so shut up girl and read some mo ETIQUETTE! Even tho I don't like Sheree' snobby country a** sometimes! Woo lemme stop, I got too much to blog about these chics!  But while we're on the subject lemme give you a break down of my opinions of this all.  First of all, Cynthia is a LIE if she says, she didn't think it would escalate to that point!  Honey, she knew that Ne-Ne & Marlo is the most ghetto of the bunch, and what Cynthia thought was that Ne-Ne would retaliate and say something!  But NO, Marlo took it up!  But I was proud of Ne-Ne because I was beginning to dislike her and she used to be my FAVE house wife.  I don't know if it's the fame that's clouding her but sometimes she can be a bit much!  And it makes you look at her sometimes and say, "Girl, mm mm, don't do dat!"  But like I said she didn't fly off the handle cuz she knew she wouldn't be invited.  It seemed as if Marlo was upset {well she was} that she wasn't invited.  But she didn't have to take it to the point of calling Sheree' ugly!  I mean, how old are you!?  And then all the talk about who has a house and how they got it.  Sheree' kept repeating that the guy Marlo got her house from was 80 and married!  She said it like 9000 times!  Enough already!  Marlo said her sh** was paid for, and Sheree's reply was, "An 80 year old man bought it for you!"  Who cares!  As long as she has a house!  Sheree should start investing in her some 80 year old men so that she too can have a house of her own!   And I gotta back up....,the smalls and the talls????  If that ain't the LAMEST, dumbest sh** ever!  I think all of em go back to childhood just for a second!  And Peter's BLACK a**, woo, he has such a nasty attitude!  He done been married to Cynthia for a whole f**cking year, and now that she's decided to go to S.Africa, he wants to create a one-day trip {in his head} that he just now realized that they haven't taken and now he does!  I mean c'mon, that's the oldest, dumbest, most CHILDISH trick in the book!  You know how you tell your man you're going out to the club, and he suddenly comes up with, "But I was gone take you to the movie's tonight!"  No that Mutha F***A wasn't!  SO grow up Peter! I wished Apollo had whooped that A** prison style, with a shank and a bag of soap on your old, nagging ass!!  Cynthia, sorry for bashing your hubby like this, but your family was right, run and don't look back!  That guy is going to take all her spark!!!!  Well back to the girls!  It seems that Ne-Ne just wants Phaedra to have some beef with her!  I mean the chic said she didn't have a problem with her.  Ne-Ne is the one who is always saying back handed things about Phaedra.  Ne-Ne is the one who has the problem!  She even questioned if Phaedra had chosen a nice enough venue for them to stay on the trip.  And why wouldn't she expect anything but FABULOSITY from Miss Phaedra!  What did she think she would have them in a leaky faucet, sperm ccovered blanket hotel.....Ne-Ne does have hater tendencies from time to time!  Again, sorry Ne-Ne we love you, but gotta take it down JUUUUUUUUUST a notch!  Sheree' stop acting like you better than anyone else!  And you know you was wrong trippin on Phaedra cuz you paid your money one day before your court date!  Did u have to sell a lil ass! LOL!  Kandi, you cool as a fan on a hot summer day!  And you said it best when you said why use a bidet when you can just wash your ASS!  Kim you doing good, cuz you was hot mess in those "Tardy for the Party days and free Sweetie (nah just kidding Sweetie, I'd stay on there too and get my 5 minutes too)!  Well enough on these chicas, til next time!